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There is a memory shared by thousands, of a shadow that wrapped around the earth as the sun went dark. And then came the light, from everywhere, all at once, and the dreams of an extinct species began to explode from the crevices of a scorched earth; from silicate and water rose towers millions of stories tall, shooting upwards and wrapping around the stars. The sum total of everything that ever was, is, and shall be, the universe that is made of all things possible to imagine, now glistens in the light of the furthest stars as the new order balloons outwards through the light cone. In a strange slumber, unaware, an American city slowly decays. There, a troubled young man is plagued by fits of violent rage. One day, in a horrific trance, he slaughters a group of innocents. Despondent, ashamed and unable to understand his actions, he decides to end his life. He is rescued from suicide by a woman who promises to explain the mystery of his awful abilities, a woman who is just like him. Archangel, rise.

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13 de Janeiro de 2010
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